Under the Willow Photography LLC

Oshkosh, WI

I’ve had an interest in photography for many years now, and after having children of my own, my focus became very clear… I loved photographing my babies and friend’s babies and friend’s friends babies. They’re just so precious, innocent and adorable, and I love to capture that as much as I can. After some thought, some classes and a two day workshop in Kansas City, MO with two AMAZING newborn photographers, I decided to try my hand at photography as a business, with newborns and children being my target subjects.


Ok, so I would do this as a profession. Now, what do I name my business? I thought about it for months. I wanted something that sounded natural, as my style is somewhat earthy and natural. I love trees. You could call me a tree hugger. And my favorite tree is the Willow. There is just something majestic about the Weeping Willow. Growing up, we had three big willows in our back yard, with our swing set underneath. We’d play and play, climb and swing from the willow’s branches. As a grown up, any time we’re out picnicking or hanging at a park, I’m usually searching for the nearest willow to set up camp under. So many fond memories come from Under the Willow. So there you have it. My name of my venture.

Excited to be starting this journey and creating beautiful images of your precious little ones.


Love & Joy,