Under the Willow

Megan Janes

Hey there. I’m Megan, the gal behind the camera and this is my hubby and me. I’m a full-time wife and mama, part-time accountant, lover of travel, the Packers, outdoors, baking, all things music, photography, and babies, of course.

I’m a Milwaukee native, and love to get back as much as I can. Nothing beats a morning run along Milwaukee’s lakefront (to me, at least).  I relocated to Oshkosh after getting engaged to my hubby. We were married in 2011 and have two beautiful children together: Ben and Maggie Mae (who are often my practice models, whether they like it or not).

My first interest in photography came about when we traveled to Alaska. I wanted to capture all the natural beauty as best as I could. My hubby and I enjoy traveling, so I started investing in better equipment. Once our children came along, my love switched from landscapes/cityscapes to newborn/baby portraits, and that’s where I have found my true passion.

These precious, tiny humans are only little for a fraction of time, and that’s what I love to capture. I capture these images so they stay frozen in time—at least on paper. Then, as they grow, you have memories to hold and look back on and cherish.

Love & Joy,