Under the Willow Photography LLC

Oshkosh, WI

One of my very good friends recently had a baby boy.

Naturally, I packed up my camera, a few props, and headed to Washington D.C. to photograph the world’s newest cutie. My friend, Lisa, was never one to want to photograph her baby in a “bucket” (her words, not mine 😉 ) but nonetheless, she agreed so I could practice my skill.

I was literally there for less than 24 hours, so I opted not to check a bag. With my VERY limited prop stash, Lisa and I made do with whatever baskets and other little items she had laying around the house—even including her pup’s toy basket!

We wanted some variety in shapes and sizes, so we decided a trip to Target was in order. And who better to make the run than her hubby? We sent him with a list of other random items needed around the house and the superior task of obtaining a “bucket” for photos.

In hindsight, I really should have clarified that when we said bucket, we really meant basket.

A bit later, Nick returns with what I believed to be a diaper organizer and a mop bucket. As he set the bucket down, he said “this is the tough guy bucket!”

Oh my goodness did we laugh so hard! So hard that I thought she was for sure going to pop her stitches. After all photos were done, we obviously had to do a “touch guy” pic… in the mop bucket… with some tools. Hope that pic finds a good place on your desk, Nick 😉 Enjoy!

Here are a few more photos from his sweet little home session.

Love & Joy,